Sciatica - Sciatic Pain



Sciatica is an very common condition that is characterized by sciatic nerve pain in the low back, buttocks, hip, thighs, or legs. The nerve pain may be accompanied by numbness and/or weakness of the skin and leg on the affected side. 


Another word for sciatica, sciatic nerve pain, is lumbar radiculopathy. This is a term commonly used by physician specialists experienced in diagnosing and treating this condition. At Elite Pain & Health, we have successfully diagnosed and provided treatment for thousands of patients suffering from sciatica related pain conditions.


The condition often arises from the compression or irritation of one or more “nerve roots” within the lower spine.  These nerve roots carry the sensation for the associated area of lower back, buttock, hip, thigh, and leg. If the nerves develop a significant problem with compression, you will likely develop feelings of pain in this area of the body. 


A variety of causes lead to the development of sciatic or sciatic nerve pain. Structures of the spine including the bones, spinal discs, muscles, and other tissues can all be involved in the development of your symptoms. Should you suffer prolonged symptoms over days or weeks, it is recommended that you undergo evaluation by an experienced medical doctor that help identify the most appropriate course of action.


Improvement in your condition is possible with appropriate care such as a complete evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment by a board certified specialist physician. We recommend contacting our office for further information regarding your condition. 


Elite Pain & Health specialist physicians provide thorough evaluations and diagnosis in order to plan your treatment and road to recovery. We are uniquely trained and experienced to provide comprehensive care for your painful sciatica condition. 


We look forward to scheduling your appointment to get sciatica and sciatic nerve pain treatment and relief!


Major Causes of Sciatica and Sciatic Nerve Pain 

  • Herniated discs or herniation of vertebral discs

  • Protrusion, bulging, or degeneration of vertebral discs

  • Degenerative disc disease

  • Spinal stenosis and deformity

  • Piriformis syndrome or muscle spasm

  • Acute injury (falls or car accidents)

  • Chronic disease (arthritis, osteoporosis, etc.)

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