Knee and Hip Pain

Surgery-free Treatment for Knee Arthritis

Why is it so important to have an evaluation by a pain specialist?

A joint pain specialist has obtained specific training and experience beyond that of a traditional doctor. A joint pain specialist provides a wealth of experience in diagnosing and addressing the specific problem causing your joint pain and can provide advanced treatments and therapies not offered elsewhere.

In many cases, your family doctor may have attempted to address your joint pain, without significant improvement. When failure of basic approaches such as physical therapy, chiropractic treatments, topical creams, or medications occurs, it is helpful to seek specialty care to discuss your advanced non-surgical treatment options.

I have been told the only treatment that will help is surgery, why should I consider a non-surgical alternative first?

In the past, the traditional approach to joint pain resulted in patients being treated by non-specialists with therapies and medications with known limitations. After failure of these basic approaches, patients were often referred to surgeons focused on open surgical joint replacement that require an extended recovery. Today, patients suffering joint pain have a full range of advanced non-surgical treatment options not provided by surgeons. Thanks to modern innovations in joint imaging, medications, nerve pain control, and joint stabilization, the joint pain specialists at Elite Pain & Health offer a full range of non-surgical care.

How long does it take before I should notice improvement in my pain and function?

Typically, we are able to substantially improve pain and function levels within days to a few weeks after treatment starts. None of the treatments we utilize require patients to have surgical incisions or time off work.

Does it make a difference how joint procedures are performed?

Patients often believe that they have had joint treatments in the past or are considering them for the future. Medical research has shown that performing joint treatments or injections without imaging results in missing the target joint for 1 in 5 patients. This occurs even with experienced healthcare professionals performing the treatments, without the ability to know when it does occur. At Elite Pain & Health, our comprehensive non-surgical joint pain treatment protocols always include the use of beneficial X-ray, ultrasound, or fluoroscopy imaging during treatment. We want every patient to receive the maximum benefit possible.

I have had ‘injections’ for my joints previously, how is this different?

It can be difficult to know what treatment may have been provided previously, as there are a variety of attempted non-specific treatments for joint pain. Unfortunately, without the proper equipment and specialization, results are extremely variable. We routinely care for patients that have failed previous ‘injection’ therapy as well as surgery. Failure of a previous joint treatment does not predict the likelihood of success with our non-surgical treatment program.

Another concern, as discussed elsewhere, is whether the exact target of treatment was actually reached. A ‘blind injection’, meaning no imaging equipment was used, may not even reach the intended target. Our joint pain specialists utilize only the most modern techniques, treatments, therapies, and equipment to achieve the best possible outcomes for our patients. Our board certified specialists have spent many thousands of hours perfecting their treatment options and techniques.

How important is it that I complete the entire treatment program?

Depending on the severity of your joint problem, the program runs between six and ten weeks. In many cases, you may begin to have significant improvement in your discomfort and function early in treatment. However, in order to sustain the benefits achieved, it is highly recommended to complete a full course of treatment.

Will my activities be limited or will I have to miss work or other events during treatment?

Our patients have active lifestyles, whether continuing their careers or enjoying day-to-day leisure activities. A major factor in the development of our treatment program was the critical need to avoid extended recovery times that drastically interrupt the lives of patients. Unlike like open surgical treatments, our patients return to daily activities immediately.

My schedule is very busy, how flexible is scheduling appointments and how long do the visits take?

Depending on the nature of your visit and stage of your treatment, visits with our joint treatment specialists typically take from 15 to 45 minutes. We highly value your time and strive to deliver an efficient care experience.

I have had surgery on my knee(s) before, will this program work for me?

Our treatment techniques also provide past surgical patients with the opportunity to relieve joint pain that persists after surgery. Large medical research studies report that as many as one in three (33%) to one in five (20%) will suffer significant pain following knee replacement surgery. We have helped many patients with post-surgical pain improve their quality of life.

I have other medical problems that make me high risk for surgery; will I be able to participate in this non-surgical treatment program?

Yes! In fact, many patients are not candidates for knee joint surgical replacement and we are able to treat virtually all of these patients.

Will my insurance pay for the treatment?

We accept most major medical insurance plans, which cover the treatments we provide in our state-of-the-art facility. One of the primary benefits of our program is that the cost is a small fraction of the cost of open knee surgery. Major insurance plans often require a trial of non-invasive treatments prior to approving open joint surgery.

Are there significant risks with the treatment?

In comparison with open joint surgery, our comprehensive treatment program risks are remarkably low. Many patients concerned with the risk of invasive procedures seek us out for treatment.

What if my pain doesn’t improve, are there other options for me?

Because of our ability to target your joint pain with a variety of treatments tailored to your specific diagnosis, it is rare for us to have patients that don’t improve.

My spouse is suffering from knee pain but won’t seek help, how can I get them to consider this treatment program?

We have met patients with spouses suffering from significant joint pain that for any number of reasons have not undergone treatment. Ignoring the pain, discomfort, and lack of mobility is not likely to improve the outcome. Obtaining a no-obligation evaluation and diagnosis from our joint pain specialists is the first step to getting back to a pain-free active lifestyle!

I am scared of having procedures, why would this treatment be an alternative for me?

Our surgery-free treatment recommendations focus on using the least invasive treatments possible to achieve relief of your pain and improvement in function.

We occasionally have patients that may have significant anxiety even when performing diagnostic imaging studies. Our joint pain specialists have the specialized training, expertise, and equipment to provide all levels of sedation and treatment of procedure related discomfort and anxiety.

How long will it take to get an appointment and get started with my treatment?

In most cases, we are able to schedule your evaluation within seven days. We are often able to begin initial treatment during your first office visit!

Do other practices offer this type of treatment program?

To our knowledge, this is the most comprehensive surgery-free treatment program specifically focused on knee joint pain available in the region.

My primary care doctor has questions about non-surgical treatment alternatives; can you discuss the treatment directly with my doctor?

We are always happy to discuss your care with your primary care physician. Secondary to rapid advancements in the non-surgical treatment of joint pain, not all of our physician colleagues are aware of the latest alternatives to open joint surgery.

I am taking blood-thinning medications known as anticoagulants; will this impact my treatment?

We safely treat patients on these medications and routinely coordinate with the primary care doctors, cardiologists, or other physicians in the appropriate management of these medications during treatment.

Where will my treatment be provided?

It is important that your care be delivered in the most efficient manner possible and all of our treatments can be delivered within our state-of-the-art outpatient medical clinic .

Will my doctors be Board Certified and specialize in treating joint pain?

Yes! At Elite Pain & Health, all of our treatment teams are lead by fully licensed and board certified specialist physicians.

How long will the treatment take?

Our surgery-free treatment program is designed to be completed within as little as six to ten weeks - depending on the severity of your condition. In addition, you will not be required to miss work or delay other activities as is required during recovery from open joint surgery.

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